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Cassville Women's Golf League
by Carol Easter

August 19, was a Mystery Event (Most 5's) with Joanna Hotzler and Janie Watson having 7 each. Birdies made, Janie Watson #1 & #9 and Betty Seely #3. Mary Tessmer chipped in on #15 and Sue King on #4.

August 12, Mary Tessmer had the Longest Drive on #10. Four players chipped in, Bonnie Shelton and Mary Tessmer on #18, Janie Watson #2 and Patty Matthews, #15.

August 5, Janie Watson and Mary Tessmer had the low team score of 39 in a Two-Person 9 hole scramble.

July 28, The team of Janie Watson and Dee Bryan took the Day's Play of a Two Person Scramble with a team score of 84. Sharing Birdies on #6 were Ruth Callahan and Mara Dona Smith. Mary Lambert chipped in on #12 and Patty Matthew on #15.

See you on the links.

The Cassville Women's annual Invitational Golf Tournament, will be held on Thursday, September 16. If interested in playing that event, contact Bonnie Shelton, at 858-3641, for details. See you on the Links.

July 22,
Mara Dona Smith and Art Haines, were Blind Partners having a score of 77. Joanna Hotzler had a chip in on #4 and Dee Bryan Birdied #9.

July 15, A score of 71 was shot by the Team of Janie Watson and Mary Lee Meyerkord playing a Modified 2 Person Scramble. Dee Bryan chipped in on #1. Shared Birdie honors went to Joanna Hotzler and Cindy Bowness on #11 and Janie Watson and Mary Lee Meyerkord on #4.

July 8, The team of Mary Tessmer and Patty Holstrom won with a Choice Score of 59. Three golfers got chip in's. Joanna Hotzler on #11, Jo Blair #15 and Dee Bryan #17. Birdies were made by Janie Watson on #3 and Mara Dona Smith on #1.

July 1, Bingo Bango Bungo was the play of the day, with Sue Louk making 19 points.

June 24
, Janie Watson and Mary Lambert won the Two-person Scramble, with a score of 73. Sue Steele chipped in on #9.

June 17 was Closest to the Pin 0n #6 with the "Honors" going to Joanna Hotzler. Joanna also had a chip in on #18 and a birdie on #11.
All lady golfers who would like to join in on Thursday morning, are welcome, we will be playing through September. Join us at 8:15 a.m. with Tee Off at 8:45 a.m. See you on the links.

June 10. The "Pink Lady", got a little wet but the golfers prevailed and the winning team was Mara Dona Smith and Jeanne Brunetto with a score of 45. A chip in and birdie was made by Art Haines on #11 as well as Joanna Hotzler. Cindy Bowness chipped in on #12 and Mara Dona Smith on #7. Janie Watson got a birdie on #10.

June 3rd, The Day's play was a "Throw Out Tourney" with full handicap. 17 players got to throw out their 3 worst holes. Getting 1st place was; Jeanne Brunetto with a 49, second; Sue Louk with a 50, and Betty Seely, Third with a 51. Cindy Bowness chipped in on #12 and Janie Watson had a birdie on #14.

May 27th a Two-person Scramble was won by the team of Janie Watson and Dee Bryan with a score of 86. Bonnie Shelton chipped in on #5.

May 20th, 22 women "Putted for Point's" with Art Hains and Carol Easter tied for first. Birdie honors went to Art Haines on #11, Letha Ellis on #17 and Mary Tessmer birdied and chipped in on #8.

April 29. 18 members played a two person scramble, with the Team of Jeanne Brunetto and Cindy Bowness winning. Two players chipped in, Jo Blair on #10 and Carol Easter on #9. Two teams had birdies. Phyllis Roberts & Jo Blair on #11 and Carol Easter and Patty Holmstrom on #9 May 6, 22 golfers had a Crier's Tournament with Janie Watson getting low gross. Mara Dona Smith had a chip in on #5. Any lady golfer interested in joining us, please do. We play every Thursday. Please be at the club house by 8:15. Pairings are drawn at 8:30 am and we Tee off at 8:45. See you on the links.

By: Carol Easter, Vice President

The Cassville Women’s Golf League, got off to it’s 2004 season on April 1, with 30 members attending the Kick-Off Breakfast, held at the Cassville Golf Course. April 8, 22 members enjoyed a mini golf clinic, with golf pro, Brian Spencer.

The League got under way on April 15, with 24 members playing a Round Robin. Winners of the event were: Mary Tessmore, Mary Lambert, Sue Louk, Bonnie Shelton and Mara Dona Smith. Dottie Davis had a chip in on # 18, Mara Donna Smith had a chip in and a birdie on #6.

A 2 Ball Foursome was played with 22 players on April 22. Winning Team was Betty Seely and Jo Blair. Three players chipped in, Almyra Klassen on #5, Jeanne Brunetto on #12 and Cindy Bowness on #7.

All area women golfers are welcome to join us every Thursday. Pairings are made at 8:30 a.m. with a shot-gun start at 8:45 a.m. If interested, call Jeanne Brunetto, President: 858-3490 or Carol Easter, Vice President: 858-9427. Thursday, April 29, there will be a short business meeting before we play. See you on the links. (Send Carol an email - click here)