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Ladies Club


President  -  Janie Watson
Vice President  -  Becky Ryder
Secretary  -  Mary Lee Meyerkord
Treasurer  -  Lynn Blanke
Day's Play  -  Penny Hall

The Cassville Women's Golf League will hold it's kick-off breakfast on Thursday, April 11th at 9 am. 
We will have a short meeting and a 9 hole scramble afterwards (weather permitting). 
We have a great group of gals and golfers at all levels.  For more information,
call Janie Watson, President at 479-601-6667 or Becky Ryder, vice president at 847-2597.

First day of play will be April 18, 2013

CWGA Invitational  August 22, 2013

Questions call Janie at 847-1092 or Becky at 847-2597



The CWGA held their annual Filly Race on Thursday, October 10, 2014.
Nine teams of two started the race being eliminated by their high score at each hole.
Final race winners were:
1st Place: Connie Figgins and Deb York
2nd Place: Lynn Blanke and Mary Lee Meyerkord
3rd Place: Carol Skarp and Marlene Woolf

Kickers Replay was the name of the game the Cassville Ladies played on Thursday, September 26, 2013.  Actually, no kicking was involved--just mulligans. Players were allowed to use two mulligans anywhere, anytime during their round of golf. Several birdies and chip-ins were made. Individual play results: 

1st Place:  Susie Jacobs, Janie Watson
2nd Place:   Lynn Blanke
3rd Place:  Penny Hall, Deb York

Birdies:  Lynn Blanke #11 & #13, Penny Hall #6, Susie Jacobs #3 & #13, Mary Lee Meyerkord #4, Janie Watson, #1 & #18
Chip-ins:  Becky Ryder #13, Lynn Blanke #7 & #18, Penny Hall #6 & #8, Kay Haupert #11, Susie Jacobs #13
Low Putts:  Lynn Blanke 

Three Club Challenge

Our Day's Play person had a unique challenge for the Cassville lady golfers on Thursday, September 19, 2013. We used three clubs only (our choice ) plus the putter to play 18 holes of golf. It was a three person scramble with each team strategizing as to what club each team member would choose to get the maximum distance for each hole. Of course, the fewer strokes the better. Teams had a chance to get creative in the use of their clubs. Some even realized that they could hit certain clubs a greater distance than they originally thought. After some complaining, it did turn out to be fun. We would like to thank Penny Hall for being our Day's Play person this summer. She organizes the games and computes the final scores. Results for this week were:
1st Place: Susan Ramonette, Janie Watson, Kathy Cooper, 2nd Place: Carol Skarp, Jeanette Skorupski, Deb York, Sue King, 3rd Place: Doris Conner, Kay Haupert, Becky Ryder.

There was an increase in the number of lady golfers playing on Thursday, September 12, 2013. A team scramble was played followed by our monthly meeting. Results for the day:

1st Place: Susie Jacobs, Carol Skarp, Penny Hall
2nd Place: Connie Figgins, Janie Watson, Marlene Woolf
3rd Place: Mary Lee Meyerkord, Lynn Blanke, Sandy Fleischman

Team Birdies: #3, #18 Mary Anne Blankenship, Becky Ryder, Pam Graham
#1, #4, #5, #7, #11 Connie Figgins, Janie Watson, Marlene Woolf
#5 Sandy Fleischman, Mary Lee Meyerkord, Lynn Blanke
#3, #4, #5, #7, #18 Susie Jaobs, Carol Skarp, Penny Hall

Chip Ins: Penny Hall #4, #18 and Becky Ryder #18

Thursday, August 29th was a rather warm day, therefore, there weren't as many ladies as usual. Thirteen lady golfers braved the heat to golf and play a game called "Stableford" plus handicap. Rather than strokes, points were tallied as an individual and then as a team with birdies worth 4 points, par 3 points, bogies 2 points, and double bogies 1 point. Players handicaps were, also, a part of determining the final team scores.

The winning team was Mary Lee Meyerkord, Connie Figgins, and Janie Watson. Birdies for the day were made by Lynn Blanke on #17 and Deb York on #4. Chips for the day were made by Lynn Blanke on #17 and #11 plus Becky Ryder on #9

CWGA Holds 2013 Invitational Tournament

The Cassville Women’s Golf League held their 2013 Invitational Tournament on Thursday, August 22. The Invitational was planned and organized by CWGA member Cheryl Ludwig. She did an outstanding job, as always! Our league would like to thank Cheryl, her workers, and all the volunteers who made the tournament a huge success.

Theme for this year was, “OLE McCASSVILLE HAD A COURSE.” Each hole was decorated with a farm character by some very creative women golfers. After playing the eighteen hole scramble, the ladies were served a grilled chicken sandwich, salad, iced tea, and a cupcake prepared by John Hendricks, caterer. Door prizes were given to lucky winners plus a 50/50 pot. Lastly prize money was given for flight winners. A great day for everyone! (Local winners in ALL CAPS)

Championship Flight: 1st: Penny Williams & Brenda Dandy, 2nd: Debra Allen & Heidi Rice, 3rd: Beth Parmley & Jo Poyzer, 4th: Kelly Trahan & Sue Dilliard

A Flight: 1st: Sandy Trigg & Pat Ellison, 2nd: Susan Armstrong & Marcia Kreutzer,
3rd: Karen Brown & Sandy Hopkins, 4th: Barb Kuhn & Lora Colby

B Flight: 1st: Hazel Beaver & Rita Duncan, 2nd: Leanna King & Jane Fulkerson,
3rd: Terry Telford & Jeannine Franks, 4th: LYNN BLANKE & NANCY KING

FLEISCHMANN, 3rd: JEANNIE SHOUP & ANNE OGLE, 4th: Shirley Williams &
Donna Moore

Cassville Women Golfers played with teams of two on Thursday, August 15, 2013. A total of eighteen holes were played, but six holes were a scramble, six holes were alternate shots, and six with best ball. Everyone enjoyed the perfect weather. Scores were tallied and the results are as follows:

1st Place: Deb York & Doris Conner
2nd Place: Janie Watson & Pam Graham
3rd Place Tie: Lynn Blanke & Connie Figgins &
Sandy Flieschmann & Leta Higgs

Chip ins: Connie Figgins # 2
Carol Skarp #1

Birdies: Janie Watson #2 & #6

"Pink Lady" was the name of the game played on Thursday, July 18, 2013 by members of the Cassville Women's League.  Pink Lady was actually a "golf ball" that each team had to hit alternately on certain holes without loosing it in the sand, out of bounds, water, etc. In other words; hazards.
Winners for the day were:

1st place:   Lynn Blanke & Sherri Miller
2nd place:  Marlene Woolf & Sue King
3rd place:   Cheryl Staats & Janie Watson and  Mary Lee Meyerkord & Penny Hall
Low Putts went to Lynn Blanke
Chip Ins : Ruth Callahan #10
                  Penny Hall #11 & #16
                 Jeanette Skorupski #8
                 Janie Watson #9
                 Deb York #10
Birdie:      Marlene Woolf #1 & 4

Women's Scramble on July 11, 2013

1st place: Anne Loeppke, Doris Conner, Janie Watson, Debbie Yarnall
2nd Place Tie: Carol Skarp, Penny Hall, Anne Ogle, Sue King
Susie Jacobs, Marlene Woolf, Jeanette Skorupski

3rd Place: Jackie Rose, Kay Haupurt, Becky Ryder, Karry Lewis

Ruth Callahan had a chip in on #8

Several CWGA women played golf on Thursday, July 4, 2013.  Game for the day was "Throw Out Three."  After playing a full eighteen holes, the women were allowed to subtract the highest scores for "3" of their worst holes.  Thanks, Penny Hall, for doing the math! Results:

1st Place: Marlene Woolf,   2nd Place: Mary Lee Meyerkord,  3rd Place: Ruth Callahan and Becky Ryder

Chip-Ins:  Ruth Callahan
Birdies:  Jeanette Skorupski  #17,  Janie Watson  #4,  Marlene Woolf  #6,  Deb York  #1
Low Putts: Sandy Flieschmann


Highlight for Thursday, June 27, 2013, was the fact that Sue Ramonette hit a beautiful Hole-in-One on Hole #17. The women played "Fields and Greens" on a rather hot, humid day. Scores and winners for the day were:

1st place with a 72:
Jeanette Skorupski
Susie Jacobs
Sandy Fleischmann
2nd Place with a 74:
Anne Ogle
Debbie Yarnall
Deb York
Ruth Callahan

Mary Lee Meyerkord had a birdie on #17
Jeanette Skorupski had a birdie on #18
Deb York had a birdie on #4
Doris Conner on #1
Sandy Fleischmann #9
Ann Loeppke  #2
Jeanette Skorupski #18
Deb York #4,#12
Susie Jacobs Low putts 28


The hot weather is upon us, even in the early morning. Despite the heat and humidity, several of the CWGA ladies played on Thursday, June 20, 2013.

Game for the day was the "Best Poker Hand." However, no cards in this game--just golf strokes for birdies, bogeys, par, or par plus. Results for the day:

A Flight: 1st: Becky Henningson & 2nd: Karry Lewis, Susie Jacobs 
B Flight: 1st: Sue Louk, & 2nd: Cheryl Ludwig
C Flight: 1st: Mary Anne Blankenship &  2nd: Kay Haupert

D Flight: 1st: Cheryl Staats &  2nd Connie Figgins
Birdies: Lynn Blanke #11, Sandy Flieschmann #1, Becky Henningson #1, Deb York #1
Chip-Ins: Becky Henningson #13, Marlene Woolf #8
Low Putts: Deb York 29

Today was a sad day for our league.  We lost our precious Betty Seely, one of our own, who has been a member of the CWGA for as long as anyone can remember.  She loved the game of golf and was an active member until last year.  She will surely be missed.  The ladies honored her by attending her services today and playing golf afterward.

Today the game was the Cryer's Tournament.  We got to throw out 3 of our worst scores and put them back at par.  Winners are as follows:  !st place was Janie Watson with a 77, Leta Higgs with an 80, 3rd place, Cheryl Ludwig with an 81.  Low Putts was a tie with Deb York and Janie Watson both having 29 putts.  Janie Watson had an eagle and a chip in on #4.  Sue King had a chip in on #5.  Birdies were flying around.  Deb York had a Birdie on #4, Cheryl Ludwig on #11 and Janie Watson on #5. Now we can all complain about how hot it is.  It definitely went from cool to hot!  Next week we will start teeing off at 8:30.

"Fields and Greens" was the name of the game that the Cassville Women's League played on Thursday, June 6, 2013. Each person played their own ball. After each hole, the score was calculated by combining the lowest field score (strokes to get onto green), and the lowest number of putts for the team score. Before play, the ladies held their monthly meeting. After play, Cheryl Ludwig led a pre-planning session to discuss the CWGA Ladies Invitational that will be on August, 22, 2013.

Team Winners:
     1st Place: Lynne Blanke, Cheryl Ludwig
     2nd Place: Janie Watson, Pam Graham, Mary Ann Blankenship, Kay Haupert
     3rd Place: Penny Lewis, Karry Lewis, Pam Gipple, Annie Field

     Chip Ins: Mary Lee Meyerkord Hole #16 and Hole #17
     Low Putts: Sandy Flieschmann with a 29

The CWGA held their annual Guest Day on Thursday, May 30, 2013.  Ladies from Holiday Island and King's River were our guests. It was a windy but enjoyable day. After playing the four-person scramble, all participants were treated to a pot luck lunch provided by the Cassville women.  The day is not just strictly about golf, it's the continued friendship between all the ladies.

                1st Place:  Kelly Trahan, Sue Steel, Pam Graham
                 2nd Place:  Susie Jacobs, Deb Ryan, Marlene Woolf, Letha Ellis
                 3rd Place:  Sue Dillard, Sue King, Sharon Glenn, Susan Ramonette

                  SECOND FLIGHT
                  1st Place:  Deb York, Becky Ryder, Cathy Conklin, Cynthia Knight
                  2nd Place:  Shirley Hicks, Mary Ann Blankenship, Cheryl Ludwig, Patty Edwards
                  3rd Place:  Penny Hall, Barb Kuhlman, Phyllis Sarratt, Sue Louk

                  Closest to the Pins:  #17 Barb Kuhn, #6 Cynthia Knight, and Phyllis Sarrratt winner of the Fish Bowl drawing.

 Barb Kuhn and Carol Skarp are pictured above with our  golf-themed wall hanging made by the talented quilter, Sue Louk.

First golf, then work! Thursday, May 23, 2013, was a beautiful day for playing golf. Increased attendance was proof of that. After playing the round of golf, the ladies scattered themselves to the various flower beds and tee boxes for some cleaning. New mulch will be forthcoming which will provide a fresh clean look.


Results for "Stroke Play" were:


1st place: Leta Higgs
2nd place: Janie Watson

1st place: Karry Lewis
2nd place: Penny Hall

1st place: Pam Graham
2nd place: Mary Lee Meyerkord

1st place: Debbie Yarnall
2nd place: Annie Field


1st place: Sue King
2nd place: Marlene Woolf

1st place: Becky Ryder
2nd place: Sue Louk

1st place: Lynn Blanke
2nd place: Sherri Miller

1st place: Jackie Rose
2nd place: Mary Blankenship

Sandy Fleischmann and Susie Jacobs tied for Low Putts with a 29

Chip-Ins : Lynn Blanke #10
           Annie Field #14
           Becky Heningson #9
           Susie Jacobs #8
           Becky Ryder #12
           Carol Skarp #8
Birdies : Leta Higgs  #4
          Becky Henningson  #11
          Susie Jacobs  #4,8,17

Finally! No rain on a Thursday! The day was cloudy with sprinkles now and then, but the Cassville Women's League was able to complete an 18 hole scramble on Thursday, May 16, 2013. After playing the League completed their monthly business meeting. Membership in the league is always open. So, if you want to play golf, have fun, and meet some great gals, call Janie Watson at 847-1092 or Becky Ryder at 847-2597. We have members with a wide range of playing skills.

1st Place:  Lynn Blanke, Mary Lee Meyerkord, Penny Hall with a 74
2nd Place:  Tied with a 77
            Jackie Rose, Marlene Woolf, Janie Watson
            Susie Jacobs, Ruth Callahan, Sue King

The Cassville Women's Golf Association had their first day of play on Thursday, April 25, 2013. It was a beautiful for golf! Game for the day was "Blind Partner." For suspense, partners were randomly chosen until after the fact. Results were:

Low Gross:
1st Place: Lynn Blanke & Kay Haupert
2nd Place: Becky Ryder & Janie Watson

Low Net:
1st Place:  Mary Lee Meyerkord & Doris Conner
2nd Place:  Ruth Callahan & Susie Jacobs
Low Putts:  Susie Jacobs 25

Chip Ins:   Deb York #11
            Jeanette Skorupski #12
            Susan Romonette #15
            Doris Conner #4

Birdies:  Janie Watson #3
          Penny Hall #4

The Cassville Women’s Golf League held their Kick-Off breakfast on Thursday, April 11, with 22 members in attendance. Weather did not permit golf, but the ladies did enjoy visiting. During the business portion of the meeting, the Tri-State Women’s Golf Tournament banner was unveiled. Our local Women’s Golf Association will be hosting the tournament which is scheduled for July 22, 23, 24, 2013, at the Cassville Golf Course. It will be drawing women from the tri-corner of Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma for the three day event. In an effort to showcase the Cassville Golf Course, Cassville, and the surrounding area, we are offering a unique opportunity to promote your business by participating as a sponsor and or contributor. For your participation you will receive great exposure through signs, printouts, correspondence and advertising listing your company or individual name. If interested, additional information and questions concerning this tournament and its benefits can be obtained by contacting Susie Jacobs 417-847-7482 or Carol Skarp 417-847-7917. We would certainly appreciate your help.


2013 Champions
Janie Watson - 1st Low Gross
Susie Jacobs - Low Net

2012 Champions
Deb York - 1st Low Gross
Marlena Woolf - Low Net

2011 Champions
Lynn Blanke - 1st Low Gross
Janie Watson - Low Net

2010 Champions
Janie Watson - 1st Low Gross
Lynn Blanke - Low Net

2009 Champions
Janie Watson - 1st Low Gross
Becky Ryder - Low Net

2008 Champions
Leta Higgs - 1st Low Gross
Mary Lee Meyerkord - Low Net

2007 Champions
Becky Henningson - 1st Low Gross

2006 Champions
Becky Henningson - 1st Low Gross
Janie Watson - 2nd Low Gross
Bonnie Shelton - Low Net

2005 Champions
Becky Henningson - 1st Low Gross
Janie Watson - 2nd Low Gross
Carol Easter - Low Net

2003 Champions
Becky Henningson - 1st Low Gross
Janie Watson - 2nd Low Gross
Mary Lee Meyerkord - Low Net

2002 Champion
Becky Henningson

2001 Champion
Becky Henningson


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